s to▓ manage curr▓ent difficul

nderstand that differences are "inevitable" for the two great countries with different senses of▓ history in ▓this world linked b▓y modern economics and technologie▓s.However, he s▓aid, it is also imperative for both sides to understand that there will b▓e a "catastroph▓ic outcome▓" if the diff▓erences lead to permanent c▓onflict.Kissinger also noted that ▓the comp

ties in bilateral ties for the benefit of both peoples and the future of the wo▓rld, former U.S. Secretary of St▓ate Henry Kissinger said here on Thursday.In a sp▓eech d

elivered▓ at the an▓nual gala di

et▓ition, especia▓lly in the field of technology, ▓must be maintained ▓in a healthy way, and in a ▓period where "it is no ▓longer possible to ▓think that ▓one side can do▓minate the other," China

nner of the New 

and the United Sta▓tes have to get used to the fact that competition is ▓in a way permanent.The ch▓allenge to bo▓th sides "is to se

York City-based ▓U.S.

e whether we can develop enough of a common ▓conviction abou▓t the future, so that we can spare the world a conflict between▓ two g

National Committee

reat societies," h▓e said."I am▓ confident and hope▓ful that we will overcome the present tensions,▓" Kissinger said. "I hope and re

on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSC

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